We are a paper bag manufacturing and supplier in UAE, making your high-quality custom bags at an affordable price and fast production. We are offering different types of bags like craft paper bags, woven, non-woven, cotton, jute, eco-friendly-paper bags, lamination paper bag. We are one stop solution for top and best paper bag printing service providers in UAE where you can order all kinds of bag for your business needs. Our paper bag comes with special effects like embossing, debossing, foiling, 3D embosses, laser die cut, spot UV and hot stamping.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about standard paper production in UAE

Q: What are the sizing options available for paper bags?
A: There are two size options for custom paper bags – small with dimensions of 19 x 8 x 21 and medium with dimensions of 24 x 11 x 31 cm, A3 size, A4 size, A5 size and other custom sizes.

Q: What is the customization area size or spine area?
A: We provide printing area of 22 cm x 11.5 cm.

Q: What is the minimum bag quantity that can order
A: its depends on design, colours and sizes call us now for more details about it

Q: Do these paper carry bags have extra support on the bottom?
A: sure, we put grey board, food board or hevay duty hard board based on requirements and weiht to hold in bag

Q: What is the carrying weight capacity of these paper bags?
A: based on requirements we customized generally One bag can withhold 5 to 15 kgs of weight.

Q: What is the paper quality of these paper bags?
A: we offer paper printed bags are made from 160 gsm to 400 gms white paper.

Q: What are the paper bag material available?
A: Generally paper bag material stock can be with matte, glossy, kraft, special texture paper etc..


Eco-friendly paper bag, go green paper bag choices in UAE introducing wide range of green packaging solutions that are sustainable, reliable and value for money and environmentally friendly and innovative choices in current climate control effort. Our eco+-friendly paper bags and pouches products are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable so truly green in every aspect and all business industry. We offer go green paper bags in dubai and using our sustainable packaging services widely for all cosmetic, garments, hospital, fast food, restaurant and apparel


We offer custom paper bag with consistent, eye-catching look, superior quality paper stock and fine printing and perfect finishing and binding. Custom paper bag can Give customers, clients or guests an end-to-end experience with company logo, service and name branding. Paper bag well used in all business Stores and delivery services who prefer paper bags with logo because it gives them instant recognition and leaves a lasting impression on customers and wonderful shopping experience at low budget. Moreover, paper printed bags are also ideal for branding purpose at seminars, workshops or trade fairs at really affordable price and best marketing tool too.


Design tips for white & brown colours paper bags: Keep designs, graphics simple but eye-catching colours Full body of bag printing, too many elements can be overwhelming. Make your logo big and bold for instant identification in centre, left bottom or right top side Use bright or dark colours for a sharp look for back ground Use multi colours cmyk process colours Put additional craft work like lamination, emboss or foil to get luxury finish 2 cm bleeding for all side to make proper pasting and binding Print till edge with 1 cm bleed area Get final design file outlined in order to avoid missing font or graphics For white ink printing get cut colour silk screen, or heat press options.


Recycled paper bag, we offer many types of custom recycled paper bag printing services in dubai from waste recycled paper and pulp to offer sustainable printing and packaging solution to join with save planet campaign. We offer custom recycled paper bag which our team members with their high technical experience and expertise, have an average experience of over decades of industrial experience and training. Where we understand what the best packaging solution is for you and help you in designing and printing solution in UAE market.


FSC Certified paper bag, offering high quality FSC certified and recycled paper material for your next paper bag production to make high quality FSC certified paper bag. Our FSC certified paper bag can be printed with water-based ink with approved treatment and disposal of wastes by our offset production line. FSC paper bag is one of the best and superior quality bio degradable carry bag choices to reduce plastic usage in dubai market to make sustainable future.


Non-woven bag printing, we believe every great product is a story that needs to be told and there is no good choice to choose. Non-woven bag printing and supply we offer in UAE is best environment-friendly packaging solutions help you to get re-usable and affordable carry bag for transporting goods. Our quality non-woven bag can be used in all business outlet and stores across UAE and middle east. We offer free lay out and mock designs before making of mass production of non-woven bag printing which avoid mistakes in actual production. non woven bag comes with various sizes in ready made and custom size

Kraft paper bag sizes and specificatons

    Most of the corporates these days want to get plastic free and thus have shifted to kraft paper instead of plastic to make good choice to save our planet for future generation. Our custom kraft bags are made from good quality craft wooden pulp paper that can take reasonable amount of load. The loop handles are sturdy and comfortable to handle and carry. The dimensions are A6 size bag, A4 size bag, A3 size bag, larger than A3 size and A2 sizes bags also available with custom sizes based on client selection.

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standard Bag Handle choices:

we provide wide array of custom and readymade handle such as:

  • Kraft paper handle
  • Ribbon handle
  • Satin ribbon handle
  • Gross grain ribbon hnadle
  • Jute rope handle
  • Poly rope handle
  • cotton handle
  • ribbon cord handle
  • premium ribbon cord handle
  • heavy duty rope handle

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Paper Bag Printing Colors Options:

Our Paper bag printing factory offer vareity of printing choices from single colour to multi colours plus various finishing choices and carft works to get luxury touch like:

  • single colours GTO & 2 Colours SORM mchine
  • silk screen printing for white colour print
  • Spot UV and full UV coating
  • Multi colors printing upoto 6 colours unit
  • hot and cool lamination system available
  • Special finishing of embossing, debossing, hot stamping, spot UV, water based varnish and OPV
  • die cutting and hot stamping
  • foiling
  • embossing
  • fabrication and pasting

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paper bag finishing and special craft

Beside offering standard paper bag printng we too offer special paper bag, luxury and premium quality paper bag with special finishing works such as:

  • facility to print white and brow kraft paper
  • die cutting
  • Foiling, hot stamping with vareity of colors
  • spot uv and varnish
  • Laminated paper bags
  • Heavy duty bottom pasting you can carry 10 to 15 KG weight in paper bag we produce
  • Scratch proof lamination in matte and glossy finishing, velvet lamination
  • 3D cutting and Embossing

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Use of paper bag in UAE

A paper bag is a bag made of paper, usually kraft paper, glossy or matte paper. Paper bags can be made either with virgin or recycled fibres to meet customers’ demands in various size and shapes with company logo. Paper bags are commonly used as shopping carrier bags and for packaging of some consumer goods to transport and deliver to desired destination safely. They carry a wide range of products from groceries, glass bottles, clothing, books, toiletries, electronics, cosmetics, aparel, garments and various other goods and can also function as means of transport in day-to-day activities in all business industry

Printing Process

Step 1: Design


Step 2: Proofing


Step 3: Mock-up


Step 4: Approval


Step 5: Production


Step 6: Delivery



Jute Bag- we are one of the best jute bag printing and supply company in UAE offer complete range of jute bag, readymade jute bag, custom jute bag, multi colours jute bag etc… Standard size of jute bag is 12x6x5 inch which widely used in dubai for all garments, flower shop and gift sending purpose too and minimum order quantity is 1000 bags or more needed. The Jute bags are used in places like departmental store, apparel stores, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetable marts, and supermarkets. Moreover, these paper bags are both reusable and recyclable, thus making them an eco-friendly alternative in UAE market.


Cotton is a highly durable material that is 100% recyclable and nature friendly for all sales and business gifts sending uses. Cotton bag versatility also makes it perfect for use as both a reusable and disposable bag that doesn’t harm the planet and best choice to avoid plastic bag completely and save money and earth. High quality cotton thread, fibre and carefully sewn cotton fibres allow our cotton bags to stand freely even when empty making them easier to pack and unpack and deliver good safe and securely.


Our Canvas material or cloth bag are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable options to say no plastic and use eco-friendly packaging solution for next generation business and industry in UAE. However, the canvas bag you can use them over and over without them breaking like a plastic bag or other paper bag of course it is washable too. By replacing canvas bag over plastic, it can keep our neighbourhood clean and also rivers, and the oceans can be free from pollution. Our canvas bags are an eco-friendly bagging solution that makes it easier for you to protect the planet and best friend of nature in all the way.


Shopping bag- the shopping bag printing services we offer that we adhere to strict fair-trading policies and demand that our suppliers uphold these and maintain global standard in order to manage our customer happiness. Our shopping bag company in UAE is ISO standard company, an organisation seeking to empower responsible supply chains across UAE suppliers and Middle east market too. By adhering to fair trading policy and achieving accreditation from relevant agencies in UAE and Middle East industry we offer our clients assurance of our ethical identifications and awarded best quality shopping bag printing company in UAE.


Customized Paper shopping bags, brown paper bags, grocery bags, paper bread bags and other light duty bags have a single layer of paper carry case or pouch. In custom paper bag made out of variety of constructions and designs are available in our factory. Many custom paper bags are printed with the names of stores and brands, products, services etc... Paper bags are not waterproof since made out of pure paper raw material. Standard Types of paper bag are used in UAE as: laminated, twisted, flat tap. The laminated bag, whilst not totally waterproof, has a laminate that protects the outside to some degree and make heavy duty to carry goods.


Organic shopping bags are made with organic cotton, paper, wood, woven and other raw material which is free from pesticides heavy chemicals. For example, if we talk about organic cotton bag is that firstly raw seed cotton needs to be cleaned so it is free from any debris. It is then broken down with module feeders that feed the broken-down cotton into a gin. Once in a cotton gin, the seed cotton needs to be dried and cleaned before being plucked to produce yarn. It is then packed in bales and sent to be processed into our carefully woven and sewn cotton bags. And similar way we use to do all types of organic bags basic works.

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